How to start preparing for UPSC

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is India’s premier central recruiting agency for central govt public servants. It is answerable for appointing and carrying out examinations for Group A and Group B posts underneath the civil services and products cadre and defense services and products cadre of the Union govt.

The UPSC Civil Services Examination(CSE) is one of the examinations performed by means of the Union Public Service Commission to recruit suitable candidates into civil services of India including IAS, IPS, IFS, and other allied services. The UPSC Mains Exam is a descriptive examination consisting of nine papers.

 How to start preparing for UPSC
How to start preparing for UPSC

UPSC is the central body in India that conducts examinations like the Civil Services Exam (CSE) for recruitment of candidates in top government services like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. UPSC recruits candidates in both Civil Service and Defense Services.

The cracks in the UPSC exam cannot be caught just by being a bookworm. The final stage of the UPSC exam process is the personality test round, where the UPSC board will conduct interviews to assess the candidate’s personality and his suitability for a career in the services. This requires the all-around development of the person in addition to academic knowledge. And, even among academics, the focus should not only be on finishing the syllabus, but also on gaining continuous information and insights on recent events / current affairs inside and outside the country.

How to start preparing for UPSC
How to start preparing for UPSC

How to prepare for IAS exam?

This section lists important UPSC preparation tips for beginners. Helping students to develop a well-planned preparation strategy for the upcoming UPSC 2022 exam.

  1. Before you begin your preparation, prepare mentally and physically for the test. Set goals and spend time effectively.
  2. You should set a comfortable schedule and stick to it before you prepare. Creating a schedule will make your preparation easier and make it easier. Over time, you will do better and complete the syllabus faster.
  3. Syllabus is the lifeblood of any exam. So first of all you need to know the syllabus well.
  4. Candidates must understand and follow the syllabus for UPSC Civil Service Examination. Knowing the syllabus will help you to select relevant study materials, prioritize the subjects.
How to start preparing for UPSC
How to start preparing for UPSC

Newspaper Reading/Current Affairs for IAS

5. The most important aspect of the IAS exam is the newspaper. If you don’t read daily newspapers or follow daily news for IAS, you can’t expect to pass this test.

6. The questions asked in the civil service exam are directly or indirectly related to current issues. Therefore, it is very important to follow the relevant news items in your daily newspaper. You can go through BYJU’s comprehensive news analysis which summarizes the test-relevant news items.

7. The NCERT textbooks from classes six to twelve play a very significant role in IAS exam preparation.

8. Candidates can get basic ideas and theories from NCERT textbooks.

9. You will be assessed on qualities like diplomatic skills, communication skills, presence of mind, response to stress, etc.

10. Magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, Economic, and Political Weekly, etc. are very important for the IAS exam. They contain important information about politics, governance, agriculture, economy, etc.

How to start preparing for UPSC
How to start preparing for UPSC

How to prepare for IAS at home?

  1. Understand the UPSC pattern and method well first.
  2. Go through the UPSC syllabus thoroughly.
  3. Start reading a few books and watch video lectures online for a few basic subjects like polity, history, geography, etc.
  4. Read the newspaper regularly.
  5. Chart out a preparation time table and follow it strictly.
  6. Enrol for a good test series and get answer writing practice.

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